Your Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Your Workers’ Comp Advocate!

Even after your workers’ compensation claim has been accepted, the pressure from your employer and insurance company have just started.  All too often your employer will want you back at work well before your injuries have healed. The insurance company may delay your check – or not send it at all. And even worse, they may deny or delay your medical treatment as dauntless paperwork circles your mailbox. Your adjuster may treat you as if you are making the whole thing up or summarily treat you as if you are not a real person with real problems. You can be left feeling angry and frustrated amidst your regular efforts to support yourself and your family.

Perhaps the biggest hurdle of all is your employer and the insurance company know the rules of workers compensation, but you do not. How do you know if you are being treated fairly, or if your employer or insurance company are even following the rules. Can anything be done?

Yes, we can help you and offer FREE consultation!

We focus our practice on solving all these problems and pulling you through the process as painlessly as possible. We start with candid conversations by phone or email, and we offer an initial in-person consultation at no charge from which we can give you an honest opinion about your situation.

In some cases, there may be no need for legal representation, but if we both feel that we can help with your problem, a thorough case evaluation will be done. If we do move forward with legal representation, we will take over the handling of your claim for you. We will speak with you about settlement opportunities and values, approval of medical procedures, return to work issues, average weekly wage calculation and any other pertinent aspect of your case.

And at last you will no longer have to deal with the insurance company. We will help coordinate your medical treatment. We will put an end to nurse case managers following you to your medical appointments.  We will be there for you until the end of your claim, whether that is six weeks or 16 years.