We Are Here to Help Solve Your Workers’ Comp Legal Problems

If you are involved in a Workman’s Compensation case then you know that navigating these waters is both difficult and treacherous.  As a former defense attorney I saw firsthand the advantage that big business has over the individual when confronted with these obstacles.  It simply isn’t fair to the common worker to go up against the big companies with their lawyers who can and will use every advantage available to deny benefits.  You need an experienced advocate and that advocate is me, Brad Price – Attorney at Law.

To meet the challenge I have set out to put together a team with exacting skills and a true kinship for the injured parties we represent.  Not only do we have the legal expertise but we also have the humanity and personal investment to see you through to the best possible result.

Because these kinds of cases involve so many different agencies and so much paperwork, I have taken great care to make sure we can help you to navigate all the waters interrelated to these situations.  Whether you need help with wage loss issues or with your medical treatment or even with your employer when it is time to return to work you’ll be happy to know that we have your back.


My legal career begin on the other side – as defense counsel for employers and insurers

I began my legal career in 2001 and in 2002 was hired by one of the largest workers compensation defense firms in the State.  From that perspective I saw the imbalances in the system and how the employer’s and their insurance companies used them to save themselves money.  There was little discussion of right or wrong.  The main goal was to “cut our exposure,” i.e. how much money we may have to pay.

It was not a pleasant experience, and one I could not agree with philosophically.  But it did give me insight into the workings and thought processes of the insurance companies.  It is easier to anticipate what may or may not happen in any one claim, when one has been on the other side.

Just like the lawyers for the employer and insurance company, I will use every advantage I can gain to get you the benefits the law says must be paid.  With over 7 years representing injured workers, I am capable of tackling any issue that may arise in the course of your workers compensation claim.


As your attorney I bring more to the table

I am also familiar with the interplay between workers compensation claims and personal injury issues, social security disability benefits and other disability and retirement plans.  If you don’t have a lawyer that knows how these interact, you are asking for trouble, because one can do things in one claim that negatively effect what happens in the other.

Other lawyers frequently seek me out to discuss the issues they are handling.  Some will even turn over the handling of the matter to me to ensure that it is handled correctly.

The bottom line is my staff and I know what we are doing.  If you come to us with something we aren’t comfortable with we will tell you. Unlike the big box law firms in our area, who handle these claims with inexperienced lawyers, we are set up to handle workers compensation claims and we handle them well.


If you have a workers compensation claim, please contact us right away.  We will give you an honest, straightforward assessment.

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